Itasca Naturopathic Clinic serves northwestern Minnesota and is the only clinic in the region with a practitioner who is registered as a Naturopathic Doctor by the state of Minnesota under the naturopathic registration bill which took affect the early part of 2010.  

Naturopathic Medicine emphasizes and utilizes the body's inherent ability to protect and repair itself.  At Itasca Naturopathic Clinic, we help you support these mechanisms using the latest in diagnostic testing supported by time-tested non-invasive treatment methods.  Nutrition and lifestyle changes are emphasized to treat the whole person not just the symptoms of an underlying illness or disease.

Naturopathy is not "alternative" medicine, but truly integrative medicine providing a comprehensive approach to the best of traditional and conventional medicine. NDs welcome and encourage people to become educated and involved in their healthcare decisions because knowledgeable patients are more successful in attaining their health goals.

These Articles explain naturopathy in much greater detail: 
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How Do Homeopathy and Naturopathy Compare?

To Learn More about naturopathic medicine and find out if it is right for you, schedule a fifteen minute complementary visit at either of our offices.
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